You only value what you know. Only what you appreciate, you love and only what you love, you protect! We want to offer sustainable holiday experiences that bring our guests closer to nature. We want our guests to have a good and relaxing time in the beautiful nature of our region. On their return, our guests should be motivated by the wonderful nature experiences of their holiday to take more care of nature in everyday life and to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. All of this should happen simply through the formative nature moments during their stay with us.


The topic of sustainability is at the very top of our organisation. As managing director and owner of Sålsjögården Timber Lodge, we personally ensure that what is written on paper is put into practice.


We obtain most of our electricity from hydroelectric power stations. For heating and hot water, we use wood chips from regional, sustainable forestry. We do not require any other energy sources to operate our plant.

Buildings & infrastructure

Our buildings are well insulated in line with regional conditions. Heating and hot water come from a modern wood chip heating system, which supplies all buildings as central heating. We have introduced energy-saving concepts for lighting and other areas.

Active promotion

On the one hand, our sustainability concept ensures that we pass on the idea of sustainability to our guests and that they help to spread it. On the other hand, we are planning an ambassador project with the team from the local UNESCO biosphere reserve. In which we can contribute to spreading the idea of sustainability as a model business.


We strictly separate our waste to the best of our ability, which our partner company offers in the area of recycling. In the restaurant area, we have concepts to counteract food waste. When purchasing, we look for local products and try to avoid packaging waste as much as possible.